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The Russian word "Khokhly" literally means "forelocks" and is often used as an offensive nickname for Ukrainians (because of the traditional Ukrainian man's hairstyle oseledets or chub). The memes featuring this exclamation, with an extended ending “yyy!” (or sometimes just the ending by itself), became viral in January 2024. The exact origin of "Khokhlyyy..!" is unknown, although according to some sources (linked below) it comes from a Russian social media post from Belgorod, posted after one of the attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces: "I live on Kreid [district in Belgorod], near the house where the car overturned. I will remember for the rest of my life how the owner of the car came out and shouted for two minutes: 'Khokhlyyyy!' He dragged out the “y” for so long that I felt his pain. He may have been saving for that car all his life" (Я живу на Крейде, возле дома, где машину перевернуло. Запомню на всю жизнь, как хозяин машины вышел, и минуты две кричал: ХОXЛЫЫЫ! Он так долго тянул „Ы“, что я почувствовала его боль… Возможно, он копил на машину всю жизнь).The memes mock the Russian propaganda habit to accuse Ukrainians of ill will and to blame them for various disasters.