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Dugin (Aleksandr)

Aleksandr Dugin (born 1962) is a Russian political philosopher and analyst known for his ideological contributions to a modern Russian brand of ultranationalism and anti-Western ideology referred to as "Eurasianism." His views blend elements of fascism, Stalinism, traditionalism and anti-liberalism into an ideology that advocates recreating Russia as the center of a new Eurasian empire united against Western values and influence.Though never an official Kremlin adviser, his anti-American, anti-NATO rhetoric aligns with the nationalist ideology promoted under Vladimir Putin's rule. His daughter Darya Dugina, also a pro-Kremlin commentator, was killed in a car bombing in 2022 which most analysts linked to Russia's war in Ukraine. Dugin remains a controversial but influential voice in shaping narratives about Russian civilization opposing Western liberalism. [Claude AI, edited]