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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the leader of the Russian Federation since 2000, although serving as prime minister from 2008–2012 (link to his Wikipedia page below). He is the primary aggressor in Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, and memes about him will often point to this antagonistic role. Many memes will engage in a deflation of Putin, implying that he is paranoid (such as in memes about his long table or the rumor that he orders the collection of his excrement in a suitcase during foreign visits), in failing health, isolated on the world stage (allies only with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping) , incapable of conquering Ukraine(such as in memes celebrating Ukrainian military victories or in ones implying that the war will come all the way to Moscow), and altogether incompetent (especially in memes about the mutiny of Wagner paramilitary leader Yevegeny Prigozhin). Many memes will also compare Putin to the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. Memes will often mock his rhetoric, speeches, and propaganda, using his words about Ukraine and the West as fodder for the criticism of Russia, its army, and its society. Memes will also often mock Putin’s physical appearance, making him seem short, effeminate, or akin to an animal (such as an insect or primate). Some memes depict Putin as a moth, which refers to his reported nickname among his Leningrad KGB colleagues.