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Crying woman in a car fleeing from Crimea

This screenshot from a viral video shows a Russian woman leaving Crimea after Ukraine’s military action on the peninsula. In the original video, she says “Вообще не хочу уезжать из Крыма. … Как здесь классно … здесь как у себя дома жили, настолько всё душевно, по-домашнему” (“I don’t want to leave Crimea at all … It is so cool here …we lived here like at home, everything is so nice, home-like”). The language she uses has, at times, been subject of mockery, including through phonetic transcription in Ukrainian, as in this article (link below). In memes the image is used as a symbol for Russians forced to flee in the face of the Ukrainian army taking over various territories (in Ukraine, Russia and even in space) during their counteroffensive.