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Misc. classical meme

Misc. classical meme is a catch-all category for classical meme templates with a single meme in SUCHO collection. Some examples of such templates are:Balloon pops man, Expanding brain, Forced to drink milk, Girl at whiteboard adding, Gonna Prank Dad When He Gets Home, Jason Momoa Sneaks Up on Henry Cavill, Me vs. Reality - Aquaman, Milk ape / Chocolate gorilla melting, Morgan Freeman head on hand, Nerd partyNileseyy Niles Disappears, Nothing to see here, Philosoraptor, Player standing on a bucket, Stoned Fox, Things you'll never see in your life, Train hitting school bus, Turning Monkey Meme, Where is...? Here, Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands, Blinking white guy, Dreaming crying writing girl, Flex tape, Girl Putting Tuba On Girl's Head, Monkey Putin, Why are your eyes red son?, Will Smith Slapping Chris Rockā€¦