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"In the swamps" (in Russia)

The words are part of a memetic phrase “howl in the swamps”, originated from a line “Barrymore ! What's that howl in the swamps?” (Бэрримор, что это за вой на болотах?), in the 1981 Soviet TV miniseries The Hound of the Baskervilles. “The howl in the swamps” often denotes Russian propaganda or public opinion in Russia. The image of swamps in memes is used in collaboration with the phrase "originally Russian lands" ("исконно русские земли"), a term employed by Russian president Vladimir Putin in reference to Ukraine and in support of his invasion. The implication is that the truly "originally" Russian lands are swamps, perhaps in reference to St. Petersburg's pre-history, in which the land was a swamp before being built into a city by Tsar Peter I. The meme is often used to mock the absurdity, chaos and devastation in everyday life in provincial Russia.