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"I don't want to leave at all"

The phrase "I don't want to leave at all" is taken from a viral video of a young woman fleeing occupied Crimea after Ukrainian attacks. She is shown in a car, complaining about not wanting to leave Crimea (link below): “Вообще не хочу уезжать из Крыма. … Как здесь классно … здесь как у себя дома жили, настолько всё душевно, по-домашнему” (“I don’t want to leave Crimea at all … It is so cool here …we lived here like at home, everything is so nice, home-like”).The phrase is sometimes applied to other figures, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin saying that he does not want to go to The Hague, or that others do not want to flee from Moscow (with the implication that it is because of Ukrainian attacks).