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Russian propaganda and state media

Memes involving Russian propaganda and state media tend to include either the figureheads behind such rhetoric or the counterfactual claims espoused by politicians and media personalities. For example, Russian state media claimed that it had destroyed a German-produced Leopard 2 tank, when the video actually shows the destruction of a farming tractor. Memes quickly arose pointing out the lie and mocking those who claimed it. Memes about Russian propaganda and state media will also often include derision of those who believe their claims and organize their lives and political views in response to them.Some memes react to general anti-West propaganda, for example the claim made by Putin on January 16, 2024 that all-gender bathrooms in Europe are spreading and clashing with traditional values, prompting recent political refugees to return back to Russia. These memes usually invoke the statistically proven shortage of indoor bathrooms in Russian households and public institutions.