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"Russkies - what happened to your face?"

Memes with the message "Russkies - what happened to your face?" (Ukr.: Русня, Шо з їбалом. Rus.: Русня, что с ебалом?) are often used in a mocking manner. "Russkies" comes from the word русня (rusnia), which is a derogatory group signifier for Russians. The term comes from the medieval name Rus’ and the suffix -nia, which is used to create a group name with a negative connotation. "What’s with your face?" is considered obscene and a provocation because of the word їбало/ебало (yibalo/ebalo) in Ukrainian and Russian, respectively. This word is formed from a vulgar word for fuck. Memes with this message are often meant to be provocative or mocking the Russian war effort in Ukraine. This phrase is often a punchline that comes after some physical or moral loss for the Russian side in the war, and the memes will often either show a Ukrainian supporter smiling or a Russian supporter in distress, leading to the question as to what happened to the latter’s face.